Shirtymesse Vienna

Hello my fellow Fashion suckers,
as you can probably tell from the heading, this post is going to be about
the ‘shirtymass'(shirtyexhibition) 2014 which took place in Viennas WUK (Workshop and Culturehouse)
this Saturday and Sunday (17th and 18th of May).

It’s presenting 50 young Designers
every year and is a great opportunity to not only spread the word about your shop but also
a nice get to know each other. I loved the atmosphere: so inspirational and full of Passion and filled
with dreams and hopes. The Event has something for everyone and surprises with fun stations
where you can either make your own Shirt, Chat over coffee and cake or just Party real hard.
Of course I could’nt help myself not to buy anything just because there was way too much extraodrinary cool
stuff which would fit into my wardrobe perfectly. Luckily I was not the only one not resisting the charme of the Event because the friend that went with me purchased stuff as well.
To give a quick resumee: I would really recommend this exhibition to everyone interested in Fashion or just
hanging with the coolest People on earth and if you’re from out of town and not living in vienna
just book your next Holidays on that date. Because you never know one of them might be the next CHANEL…
lots of love


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