So comfy yet so sexy

jeansjumper jeansjumper5


Shocking news! I cut my hair. After going back and forth for about 2 years I
was finally brave enough to do the step. It wasn’t that much of a change considering
that I lost 20cm braiding material. Though I had to make a few changes the messy bob
is much handier. My hair seems to grow faster now and so the pictures you see aren’t what
the cut originally looked like.

jeansjumper2 jeansjumper4

So moving on to the actual blog post I wanna present to you the comfiest way of sexiness.
This jeans-jumpsuit I purchased while travelling through America and its malls has been
one of my favourite things ever since. There are endless ways of styling this item and this
time I chose to style it up a bit and add a feminine touch to this rather Unisex Jumper.

jeansjumper6 jeansjumper3

Jeans-Jumper: Pacsun – Bullhead
T-Shirt: Deadsouls
Blazer: Primark
Shoes: Vintage



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