Work it!



work it3  work it5  work it6

Hey there,
Lets work it! though it’s Saturday and I am absolutely the last Person to remind  anyone about work,
especially when we have 31 degree Celsius outside, I wanted to share this
summer look which is not only formal but also stylish. And let’s be honest no one wants
to sit inside an office building when you could be at a beach drinking coconut water and
secretly staring at guys who look good without shirts, but of course not talking to them
because you’re too afraid… (*hawk, wink*)

Anyway, I am sure that these trousers are an instant happiness boost.
Because these aren’t too short I could see them quite everywhere to be worn
without looking inappropriate.

work it4   work it2

The Close-ups show you the pattern and give you an idea of what the shoes
and the bag look like.

work it7  work it8

Blouse: Ralph Lauren
Pullover: DKNY
Trousers: Target- Mossimo
Handbag: Coccinelle
Shoes: Helmut Lang





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