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I admit it . I am obsessed with blue jeans. I love denim and I love to style it. There are so many different styles and everyone can wear them. Bootcut, skinny, boyfriend, just to name a few and not only can we choose the cut but also the ‘wash’. Super bleached, dark blue…etc. A trend that is also floating around in the fashionsphere is the distressed look. And though I wasn’t sure about the whole: let’s wear something that is already damaged – look at first I now can’t live without it.

So let me present to you a chic yet easy way to style them blue jeans.

close ups:

d1110  d1100  d111

Quick Tip: Mix patterns in subtle colors to make it pop but still look sophisticated.

Jeans: Pacsun / Bullhead
T-Shirt: H&M
Shoes: ZLondon
Coat: Tommy Hilfiger
Glasses: Oxygen
Scarf: Michelle Cross

d11  d1111



  1. I’m in love with distressed jeans as well!! Love how you styled it with the coat, makes the whole look more sophisticated!!

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