Be inspired – Holiday rejuvenating


Hello everyone,

since I’ve been traveling a lot lately, due winter holidays, I had some time figuring some stuff out for myself . And you are probably in front of your computers right now wondering when and if I ever post an outfit again, and I can assure you 2015 will be fashionable, but for today I want to talk about things that I’ve been inspired by or that I started valuing more. I don’t want to be a pseudo therapist and help you get over a horrible childhood memory or some kind of trauma because I am certainly not qualified for that but looking at things from different angles might be just what we all need every now and then.


Me-time staple

ME Time: Although I love to be surrounded by loads of people and enjoy good conversations and big meet-ups these things are exhausting even though you might not experience it as such while being in the middle of everything. But in the last few weeks especially with the pre-Christmas stress I vaguely had time for myself. Shopping for presents with millions of others , a variety of celebrations I had to attend or held myself (Friendsgiving/Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Years) and school are things that you can’t handle one handed. To be honest I actually do enjoy a little stress I like to keep myself busy and work but sometimes you just gotta step back.

‘Me-Time’ might sound selfish at first but it is actually just time to replenish and get rid of all the toxins you carry around with yourself. Maybe not common toxins but things that poison your mind and body. Go outside, get some sleep(=secret weapon, better than any medicine) or sit in your happy place and meditate. Whatever you need Me-Time is all about you.

Nourish don’t punish:
Besides feeding your mind :talking to people with a different a culture or reading a book, you need to feed your body. And I am neither judging nor telling you what you should eat in this paragraph but something I put more thought in lately was food and how it affected me and my life. Now, let me get this straight, I am by far not a super heathy person or a ‘clean-eater’ with abs made out of steel or legs to die for but I believe that the few changes I made did affect me. I still can’t resist chocolate but that is not the point because it is not about what some people might call ‘cheat-eating’ (I really don’t like that phrase) I think it is more about balancing it out. As you can see on that top picture, besides my beloved macarons I have a heavenly and half empty glass of green smoothie there and let me tell you green smoothies are da bomb. I’ve been loving them for quite a while now but my christmas present ( a new blender) was the cherry at the top and made everything so much more convenient. Vegetables are friends not enemies and I know some you definitely think that but see it that way: As you may know you shed skin everyday ( a little like a snake) and then new skin cells are produced. So you literally are what you eat. Crazy right? So let’s, you know don’t relinquish something you want to eat but just be a little more careful.


Lucky Magazine/ Dec-Jan Issue

Inspiration: Doing something over and over again can make it/you a little dull, just like an eyeliner tip. So things you might have been passionate about before aren’t quite as interesting anymore. For example: school makes you read books and write essays for you might think no reason and so you kind of don’t feel like doing it in your free time as well. Actually really sad when thinking about, as school should empower our strengths . So try and find new inspiration everywhere: either books( Harry Potter, and yes I am a little late on that one) or magazines ( ‘Lucky’ as seen in the head picture).




It can also be a moment, a split second were you caught yourself looking at the landscape thinking about reasons why you ever were ungrateful…
Probably the best advice I can give is this quote: “I am in love with people I’ve never met and cities  I’ve never been too.” Cheesy , really but so true and again inspiring. Traveling the world is wonderful and if you are fortunate enough to do it then be thankful everyday but even if you don’t have the opportunity to go somewhere just look around and you will see great things and do great things by paying just a little attention.
I love to decorate and play with patterns, textures and colors so that isIMG_9375 what I did by just arranging some items out of my winter wardrobe.

  • From right to left:
    Coat: pull&bear
    Wool dress: H&M
    Cardigan: Banana Republic
    Blouse: H&M
    Pullover: Kappa
    Shirt: smth. french
    Button down: wrangler (? I think)
    Jeans: Review P&C / H&M
    Scarves: Primark H&M
  • Shoes:
    – /
    -Susanne Mango


I hope you all had an amazing holiday time with your family and friends and enjoyed a little peace.I hope I gave you some advice or something to think about,

See ya

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