wool & waistline

wool_waistline4 wool_waistline

I am a perfectionist yet a big procrastinator ( and don’t ask me how that works). I like to have everything prepared and planned out and a little voice inside my head proudly says: ” Well done!”, every time I do my work in time. ( Just to let you know the little voice is not surprised when I finish things because I myself know that I can work hard and will) but there is another voice telling me not to clean my room, and not because it’s already tidy enough and well-organized but because this voice thinks that spending (or as some people may call it “wasting”) my time in front of my laptop is way better. And we all know that, let’s be honest, it is.

little side note: no I am not mentally ill or crazy I am just a lady with a cat and high-speed wifi

Although I enjoyed the hours spent with youtube/tumblr/instagram or whatever at the end of the day I have a guilty conscience and get some nasty side comments from my perfectionist voice. But why am I telling you this anyway? Well, especially in winter I tend to wear slouchy pullovers and baggy shirts and ‘hey’ I mean why not? See, it is nice and for the time being also really comfortable but at some point the perfectionist says something like: ” Get your lazy butt up and dress fancy, just because you can!”
Now hear me out: I don’t like arguments (although I might not be the most peaceful person) but we  are about to get into a major fight… Perfectionist vs. Procrastinator – and that is the reason why I am showing you this look in the first place because all the wool that is wrapped nicely around my freezing body is paired with a waist-defining belt!

In a nutshell: This outfit is both comfy and cute (at least that is what I think) totally wearable and warm. Both parties perfectionist and procrastinator agreed so don’t waste time you never know when or if they change their mind.( NO , literally run as long as you can) ‘Easy’ as that and we are good to go!


Shirt: H&M
Vest: Primark
Skirt: Pacsun/ L.A. Hearts
Belt: Vintage
Socks: H&M
Shoes: Steeds
Scarf: New Yorker
Headband: Forever21
Bag: miss


This post did end up quite long, for a fashion post at least, and I hope you don’t mind (I probably just tried to make up for my fashion ‘inactiveness’ lately) but I enjoyed writing this post and giving you another glimpse into my wardrobe.
See ya,


Instagram: sophie_wer
Twitter: sunlightstorage
P.S: Let me know in the comments below what you would like to see/read next. Have a wonderful day/evening/night ;)!



  1. Hi I really love that skirt but I don’t think pac sun makes that anymore. Do you know where I could find a similar one?

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