Month: February 2015

Not a school uniform


If only school uniforms would look like that, I might never change again…



Sneak in my closet // Flea market


For a Fashion-blogger there are only few things better than fashion itself. One of them is: Fashion for little money. So it only seemed right to attend the Sneak in my closet // Flea market (15th Feb 15), featuring a few of Viennas most commonly known Lifestyle/Fashion/Beauty-bloggers.


Valentines day ? Galentines day !

Valentines day is like silvester, some bang and others sit alone in front of the TV. And while some people definitely take out their sexiest lingerie I am going to sing the national single, happy girl  anthem: meaning basically every Taylor Swift song (ever, ever). Although I don’t have a boyfriend (sorry for exaggerating I can’t even get a high-five from a guy) I won’t spend Valentines day alone. What? Yes you read right! , not alone.


THE cold ( &kids )

I know that  I am ranting about the weather a lot on this blog but today I actually don’t want to complain about the weather conditions, I want to talk ’bout THE cold or having the flu.
Because as seen in various news reports and magazines the scientists creating the flu shots didn’t quite get the mix this year. And I don’t judge or blame them at all because while they have to imagine what might, maybe the causative organism for the flu one year ahead I can’t even decide what to wear the next day.