THE cold ( &kids )

I know that  I am ranting about the weather a lot on this blog but today I actually don’t want to complain about the weather conditions, I want to talk ’bout THE cold or having the flu.
Because as seen in various news reports and magazines the scientists creating the flu shots didn’t quite get the mix this year. And I don’t judge or blame them at all because while they have to imagine what might, maybe the causative organism for the flu one year ahead I can’t even decide what to wear the next day.

Causing quite some trouble, this ‘virus’ harshly said, eradicates classrooms leaving teachers with only a hand full of students. Now, I am giving this example in particular because as you may know I myself  am a student. Who did in fact suffer through the flu. ‘Luckily’ I was one of the first to get it (probably because my immune system wasn’t really recovered from a 24 h flight and 35 h of not sleeping in total because I thought I could drive from the airport straight to school and dance practice afterwards(silly me)). Anyway, so back to school which was rather quiet for the last two weeks or so. You can’t really avoid bacteria because  of the consistent sitting together in classrooms and breathing the same air. Also because of the persistent heat regulation problem. Some people (mostly guys:) tend to open the window, and I get the whole letting fresh air in to get the teenage, hormonal odor out and some oxygen in, but do we really have to leave it open for a full hour while heating the classroom on the highest level? I think I am straying away from the actual topic but you see my point, right?

Medication, sleep and a lot of soup and tea eventually brought me back to my feet after only four days (trust me It’s not a long period of time considering I haven’t seen some of my classmates for over one and half weeks ). And while I recovered fully and most of the students, we somehow managed to ‘spread the word’ (and the spit) and gave it on to the older generation. Meaning that now my mum is laying in bed waiting impatiently for her medication to kick in.
I love my mum, I really do and I don’t really care watching her , making her food and some brief cleaning but ( this might sound selfish now) I don’t enjoy it either.
I mean I am not even in my twenties yet but if thats what it is like to have kids I am going to focus on my career. And I know I am far, far away from making the real decision but I always kind of knew I didn’t want children. Although I like most of the ones I meet and find that their chubby cheeks and innocent smiles are really cute this might just not be the thing for me. Yet who can predict the future and say what might happen in ten years (probably the scientists working on the flu shots). Kids are the future and turning 18 in the not so far away future and not being able to really care for myself or let alone another human being ( I forget to feed my cat every now and then and try to  make it up to her by buying some posh food hoping she still loves me) I wonder about some ‘adult’ stuff lately.

I am probably just going to live in the moment for now, knowing that the cold and kids are not my favorite CK and yet I can’t await what is coming up.

See ya on friday with another fashion post,




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