Valentines day ? Galentines day !

Valentines day is like silvester, some bang and others sit alone in front of the TV. And while some people definitely take out their sexiest lingerie I am going to sing the national single, happy girl  anthem: meaning basically every Taylor Swift song (ever, ever). Although I don’t have a boyfriend (sorry for exaggerating I can’t even get a high-five from a guy) I won’t spend Valentines day alone. What? Yes you read right! , not alone.

A few years ago some girlfriends of mine and I created a tradition. This tradition includes:

  1. eating freshly baked cookies or other extravagantly unhealthy baked goods
  2. watching kitchy movies such as: “He’s just not that into you”, “Bride Wars”, and the all time classic “Valentines day”
  3. not changing into anything else than our pjs (even if we choose cute ones and take heels with us for some ‘Sex and the City’ glam with virgin cosmopolitans of course)
  4. and to get some change of scene we change hosts every year

You see we are perfectly fine with our single lives! Or not? Where does Valentines day come from anyway? Is it really just a made up holiday to keep our economy going while wasting money on teddy bears and flowers? (I deliberately didn’t list chocolate because buying chocolate is never a waste)
Well I dug a little into the internet trying to find a more ‘romantic’ explanation why we celebrate Valentines day.

The day of romance we call Valentine’s Day is named for a Christian martyr and dates back to the 5th century, but has origins in the Roman holiday Lupercalia. There are many Valentines recognized by the Christian church.
Legend contends that Valentine performed marriages even though it was against law while Claudius II. reigned as Roman Emperor. He thought that unmarried men made better soldiers than the ones with wives and children. Realizing the injustice Valentine as said before didn’t stop his work which was the reason why Claudius ordered him to death.
Other stories suggest that Valentine helped imprisoned people to escape. He fell madly in love with a young girl to whom he later wrote a letter signed with the well known phrase: “From your valentine”.

I hope I didn’t bore anyone with these facts and I like the explanation better than the one where it’s all about money but I am not fully satisfied.
First of all why is Valentines day specifically for you and your hopefully significant other? I mean I haven’t read anything about loving my caring mother or my best friends who support through thick an thin. Isn’t it that love? Love that should be celebrated on the day of LOVE! I do hope that somewhere out there is a handsome, humorous man waiting for me and my imperfect self. But until then, let me just be happy and not sorry for myself like so many girls out there. Whining over being single when they are actually living the time of their life.

Another aspect that makes me curious and question  wether or not Valentines day is meaningful  is the fact that some people use this event as an excuse for being a total douchebag the other 364 days of the year but trying to make it up on the 14th of Feb. Open your eyes! That is not what it’s about. You should value the ones you love everyday. And if you don’t feel valued by someone you are with, you might just have to overthink.

In a nutshell for me Valentines day is a day to value  relationships. The ones between you and your girlfriend/boyfriend, your pal, your mom or other family members, … . And it is totally up to you how you spend this simple date in the calendar. All I know is that : We are not alone.

Happy Valentines day; See ya


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