Sneak in my closet // Flea market


For a Fashion-blogger there are only few things better than fashion itself. One of them is: Fashion for little money. So it only seemed right to attend the Sneak in my closet // Flea market (15th Feb 15), featuring a few of Viennas most commonly known Lifestyle/Fashion/Beauty-bloggers.

A friend of mine (passionate Beauty-blogger herself) invited me to come along with her to this Blogger flea market she read about on Facebook. (Yes some people still check their Facebook every now and then, including me). In the end we actually were three Blogger girls wandering through the aisles of previously loved clothing in need of a new owner. And well, kindhearted as I am , I of course adopted some items into my collection. This event was situated in the hip, little, viennese café called: Sneak in.(- they obviously thought about the events name.) But more about the café later on.

Being surrounded by people dressed so stylish and with so much passion for the same thing the atmosphere was just amazing. I have been to Galas and things like sneak3that before but under all these other bloggers,… it just felt right to be there. People seemed to know each other and funny enough I met some friends too. But who was presenting clothing in the booths selling? You might know and their often remarkable work. They are known not only in Austria but also outside of our little bubble. DariaDaria, Vienna Wedekind and Fashiontweed are only three of the exhibitors selling things.

I spent around 1 hour browsing through the hangers before I seated myself next to three friends of mine. Two of them already ordered brunch and I followed with my go-to-drink, a Café Latte. It took the waiter 25 minutes to bring my order and even though there were obviously more people than normally the barrister did not stress at all, what so ever. I might not choose this particular café for my next lunch break but in case it’s holding another event I am definitely going to attend.

sneak2 On a regular day Sneak In sells not only coffee and cake but also sneakers (another pun). They have a broad variety of design both modern and classic. If you are into that you might just have to sneak around (okay stopping it now, trust me)

I purchased a striped wool dress which can definitely be seen in an   upcoming post and the most gorgeous ankle boots in a pretty, burgundy color.

It might be too late for you to shop there this year but my little review might be just the encouragement you needed to visit Vienna.
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