Not a school uniform


If only school uniforms would look like that, I might never change again…

Plaid things always seem so classy and almost a little prude. They remind me of school uniforms, especially the ones from really old schools with loads of traditions and gigantic halls. (Side note to myself: need to watch Harry Potter again) I used to wear a uniform in elementary school. Pretty boring to be honest. Dark blue pullovers with the school logo. In addition to that we had shirts, polos and vests in either blue or white with the same logo. Oh well, I am straying again…
plaid2This look reminds me of a schoolgirl with yet a modern twist to spice things up. I stayed in the same color scheme through the outfit and therefore used mainly different hues of gray and blue.

This skirt is not only pretty to look at but also creates the cutest butt (which I normally don’t really have…) You can’t really see it in the picture but it’s there!

Besides the skirt I adore the ankle boots I wore that day. I got loads of compliments and didn’t feel any pain while wearing them.

Close ups:

plaid5  plaid6

T-shirt: Abercrombie&Fitch
Pullover: Kappa
Skirt: GAP
Tights: /
Shoes: Forever 21
Watch: Casio
Scarf: Gerry Weber
Necklaces: for more information –

plaid1   plaid3


(Yes I do pull a funny face in that one but to justify myself it had  O C°)
See ya 


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