Trying something new #1 – Yoga

A big part in life I think is: trying new things. Wether it’s a dish you’ve never eaten before or some kind of sports you have  always looked at anxiously. It is not important how much you step out of your comfort zone, it can be something you just always wanted to try, what matters is that you stay open minded. Because that is what it’s all about. Human beings tend to lock themselves in. They just wander through their routines day after day without not noticing that it is not the little bump itself in the road of life which throws them off but the straying from their routine.

That’s the reason why my new goal is to try something new every month. At least until my life gets a little bit more – lets call it “sassy”( not that I don’t have enough work because believe me , I do). Even though I love to travel, explore the world and so on as a student that is just not an option (at least most of the time).
As you have probably already noticed my header says: (besides trying new things) YOGA.
Now, if you tend to prejudge – No Yoga is not about inhaling incense and covering yourselves with curry powder. Yogis (thats what you call the people who take Yoga seriously (I think?)) try to find peace.  Peace within their body. It is about giving something back to the thing that carries  you around 24/7 (or in Beyonce 7/11) , giving something back to the body you just shuffled a bag of chips and a dewy double chocolate chip cookie into. Opening and activating certain areas of your body. Concentrating, letting go… Balance is a big word but it can be achieved.

You don’t have to be ‘Zen’ or only drink green juice if you want to do yoga, you have an ego you just have to remind yourself that you are not your ego.
I am always fascinated by people ,on instagram for example, who seem to have no bones at all. And from what I’ve learned that is not because they are more fortunate but because they practice and practice and you guessed it practice. We should all be students of life – always learning and evolving.

Setting my goal and thinking about my first challenge I surfed through the internet. Which ‘spoiler’ is not a way of getting them beachy waves in your hair and sand and salt in your bedsheets. Anyway I found an ad interesting enough to click on it twice. And I am glad I did because the yoga studio I found offered an amazing deal for newbies.
YOGAkula is a chain and not only situated in Viennas first district but also in California. ( Yes you can get the previously mentioned hairstyle there).
They offer:

  • 5 classes in  10 days
  • you pay 10 € once
  • you can use everything provided in the studio: meaning they give you a mat, a locker, you can use the shower, eat the apples and drink some kind of special yoga tea if you want to.

I went to four classes including one workshop held by a well known yogi. There are several courses you can choose from. I started with some beginners classes but because I am a dancer and therefore quite well stretched I went on and did some ‘Gentle Flow’. You can also try Flow1/2 or other very interesting courses. Definitely check out the studio if you are keen to get some professional yoga instruction.

Probably the most important thing I learned while trying out this new thing is : being aware.
” I am aware of all parts of myself, all the layers. I am aware of the thoughts, emotions, aches, pains, judgements and everything in between. I am aware of the space that holds all of that.”

I hope you journey with me the next few months while I try to be spontaneous, a little less my perfectionist self or eat stuff found in cat food. ( Just kidding, but I had to put in a little cat lady joke).

See ya


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