Modeakt15 – Fashionshow


Being in front of the camera isn’t a big deal for me anymore. I got used to staring off into the wide searching for nothing, really. Posing is simple because if you don’t like a picture you klick on the little trash sign and easy as that it’s gone. However the other day I was running in a  Fashinshow!

Most of the time I write about events like this one. I enjoy reviewing what I see and predicting trends. Running (or in front of others better known as tripping) is probably not my biggest strength. But apparently I did well and to be honest I had a lot of fun and enjoyed every second.
The Design-School Herbststraße in Vienna was featuring their ‘Kolleg-classes’ last week, Friday the 6th, in the MGC Fashioncenter. 24 Designers presented their own collections (drawn and sewn by themselves ) and organized the fashion event from scratch. About 50 models and a make-up and hair team tried to make the evening an unforgettable event.

Melanie Schreck, the designer I ran for, is the kindest person I know and  amazingly talented. Her collection was inspired by London, foggy days and mystery. She wanted to create a feminin look with an androgyn look and therefore named the collection: – Sherlock, is actually a girls name.

modeakt15 modeakt15_5

Motionless faces, wet look sleek back ponytails and a simple red lip put the focus on the designs and all the details she put into them. Jewelry handcrafted by students from the school rounded the look and of course fitted in perfectly .
Being less fortunate in the height segment doing such a thing might not occur in the next time. Sadly actually, because as said before I had an amazing time helping others achieving their dream. Yet I would love to be on the other side functioning as designer 😉

modeakt15_2  modeakt15_4

I think we will hear much more about these passionate designers in the future and until then I wish them very best.

See ya


None of the photos are mine

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