HTC Fashion Check- in


Seems as if the last few post weren’t much about clothing but more about the over all topic fashion and events that come with. Being a little bit predictable, todays post is another event I attended last week.( Friday 14th of March) . Being escorted by a previously mentioned blogger friend I hold the personal opinion that the fashion show itself wasn’t the most breath-taking event but I definitely liked the ‘Fashion Check-in’

The viennese hotel ‘Le Meridien’ held the event on the first and 8th floor. The first floor was equipped with a bar about I can’t really talk (because of obvious reasons you may assume) and was also the scene of the above named Fashion Show. Not yet being a well known blogger I more or less had to wrestle for good seats with my friend. But what do they say?-: Be aware of the women able to run in heels. And they are right. (And let me tell you: you don’t know pain until you tried getting the best presentation date in school. Way worse and more sweaty teenagers) Anyway, we managed to get seats  in the second row facing an Austrian B-Promi and after being let in to the Fashion Show area at 23:30, we saw the first models at 23:45.

IMG_0851  IMG_0844

But the event was offering more than just the fashion show and some incredible goodie bags. The doors of the elevator opening on the 8th floor was like stepping into Disney-world for Fashionistas (okay I may take it too far here: Disney over everything). But rooms filled with clothes, shoes, jewelry, make-up and so much more I kind of did float on cloud 9 or should I say cloud 8 ?*smirky smile*
Callisti, jacks beauty, PRTTY gold tattoos and others had their things distributed on beds, sofas and bathrooms were functioning as fitting rooms.

IMG_0864  IMG_0865

Free stuff is my favorite. And there was plenty of that at the event. I had some delicious coffee was offered make-up consulting and the goodie bag made me a happy little person. (or as some people may say it: it made me endurable – just kidding I am actually a nice person ) I got a magazine, a product, another coffee, coupon for a fitness center (which if you do know me I passed on to people sportier) some hand sanitizer and god behold I almost forgot the memory for kids. – Getting this stuff was probably the result of paying for the tickets.

IMG_0857  IMG_0860

little side note: there was a lot of listing and stapling going on in this blog post today…

Overall I can’t say I didn’t like it but I wasn’t 100% into it either. Just a honest opinion of a writer that should not offend anyone because that wasn’t my intention but we all have our own minds and I am lucky enough to speak mine freely.

I can’t promise that there will be a post next friday because I am in Ireland *insert excited face here* but you will definitely hear something. I hope you have a wonderful weekend, spring break, work day, whatever (had to do some more listing) and

see ya


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