Oh good Lord! – or just Madonna ?

Some people may consider Madonna and her music a religion. And I see the point of these people because this woman practically solemnly swears to surrender every century whatever may come. She is to this date the queen of pop and because I am having a kind of old school Madonna phase, which lasts longer than 4 minutes, (many more of these song related puns to come) I thought about her fame and probably dug deep enough to make this post about religion, feminism and God beware peoples taste in music.

Having more muscles and better endurance than most of us, this lady is ruling the stage. Some may think that thigh high boots and a bra should not be considered an outfit and while it might not be appropriate for every occasion, I do not think that it is lessening the value of women. Because truth be spoken that in 2015 also women can talk about sex freely and dress the way they want without being put in a certain category. Madonna was once dating a 22 year old. Which no wonder was seen as the failure of a nation, raising their daughters the wrong way. But what about politicians having a fling with underaged girls? It is ignored because a lady doing the same thing wants to be seen by society like a virgin. (If you haven’t yet seen Emma Watsons extremely inspiring speech for the ‘he for she ‘ campaignyou should definitely check it out.)
Because believing in equality is nothing you should be ashamed of and it does not mean that you have to gender everything it just means that if a woman is in a high position she did not sleep her way up but was probably better qualified than her male company members. It also means that we shouldn’t call sensitive boys who cry (excuse my language) a pussy. Because lets be real salt water coming from your eyes does not make you a female genital or weak.

I know this topic is rough and not many speak out even though they have to say something about it or are frightened to call themselves feminists (no matter of gender) because they may be seen as radical or think that certain privileges will be given to women. But the following topic may be treated as delicately as the previous.

Peoples taste in music!: I was once asked if I could define my taste in music or say what kind of music I liked. And honestly I had no clue what to answer as if someone just asked me what the reason of life was. So I stumbled over my own words for a few minutes  before saying something like: ‘It changes.’ – genius, I know took me long enough to form this sentence. But it really is that hard because while some are considered having a great taste in music I am just here like :’ Ya I like background noise.’
I do know people who have great taste in music and always find cool new songs and I probably just   relive the past from time to time ( which actually is a thing right now with the whole: retro/vintage)- It’s something to remember ! I don’t want to say that I don’t like music nowadays because some is rather enjoyable but we know the saying: Old but Gold.
The two artists I have been listening to the past month are: what a wonder: Madonna and Kate Ryan (only her french songs though.) I liked watching Madonnas  music videos and especially my fashion blogger side made some notes on what was happening. Madonna sporting the ‘Ellen Degeneres’ haircut, (who by the way just had Madonna week on the ellen show 🙂 boyfriend blazers, metallic leggings or was just dressed in love… 

If you did make it to the end of this post I congratulate you and hope that you enjoyed your read about these controversial topics. Probably just me thinking out loud… Anyway

See ya


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