Sundaybliss and Social -ME- dia

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I don’t like not having my phone around. I like to keep in touch with everyone and everything at all times and to be reached if necessary. As a blogger I am spending a lot of time with my laptop and my phone but I am not alone with the struggle of constant connection. Millions of people check their ‘instagram’ every second, email or argue over the phone (I don’t like arguing over the phone. The whole: storm out dramatically gets lost…) Anyways, it’s hard nowadays to not get sucked into the “world wide web”. What we don’t realize is is that we might just lose precious time in the real world.

I don’t want to rant about Apple products but every now an then your charger gets this little turtle neck and you just know it will be over soon. I ignored the signs and didn’t buy a new charger in advance just in case the old one would give up for good. As one does with being busy I always canceled going to the store and right then, – it happened .
It was a late Saturday afternoon, I’ve been out the whole day went to dance practice and so on and when I came home I made myself some tea and plugged in my phone. Now, I think we all know the struggle when you have to position your phone in a certain way in order to see the green battery sign light up (admit it) … And while I did that I noticed that no matter how I turned the cable it just didn’t flash the bolt sign. As silly as it may sound in that moment I panicked a bit. I wouldn’t say I was devastated but I may have gasped a little. My battery said 17% which would last me for about an hour  and by now it was to late to run the store because (excuse my language) but stores in Vienna close hella’ early and they don’t open until Monday.
So I turned down the light, hoping it would give me some more time but sooner or later ( in that case sooner) my phone died anyway. It wasn’t as if  I was disconnected from the world now. I still had laptop, tablet and people with phones around me but it still felt different.
I consciously watched TV that evening, I read a book not once looking up because a heard something ring… It was so simple almost peaceful and Oh so shocking! 

I woke up the next morning and the first thing I did was not checking instagram, my messages or emails. I spent a normal Sunday morning. Made myself some breakfast, read a magazine, played with my cat and didn’t miss my phone.
Why do we let a piece of plastic that was designed to help us stress us? When did communicating became unnecessary and therefore replaced by emojis? Is the whole social media thing really me or just snippets of my life by which I am judged and judge others myself?

It was blissful and well spent day which let me came to the conclusion: ” I know that I won’t go without my phone for the rest of my life but I can at least take some time off from trying to be present in the cyber world at every second.

Monday came and with it a friend who was kind enough to borrow me charger. Saying I didn’t miss being able to send texts would be a lie because I did. But saying this time was dreadful and horrible would be no less lie than the first statement.
Lets just be a bit more aware.

See ya,

and if you still what to take a closer look at my life why don’t look at my social media 😉
instagram: sophie_wer
twitter: sunlightstorage


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