Trying something new #2: Parlez vous français?

In order to evolve you have to try new things and be willing to learn. I learn french in school and should be some sort of fluent by now but well, I am not. This beautiful language which I’m definitely interested in just doesn’t come naturally to me and that’s why I got up and and wanted to change that in a way that is enjoyable. In a nutshell: I watched some movies in french! As one does I grabbed my laptop downloaded, a movie from iTunes, cuddled up with a few blankets, made myself some tea and forced my cat to watch the films with me. First up was ” Monsieur Claude” a hilarious french comedy that talks about a delicate topic with a ton of charm and humor. The conventional and traditional french couple and parents of 4 were shocked when they found out that 3 out of 4 of their daughters are going to marry men with different a cultural background. Thinking that the fourth daughter would “save” them and their pride by marrying a christian they question their morals and marriage.

To be honest I already saw this movie in German and therefore didn’t struggle understanding the plot but like every other movie it is better in the original language. Because even though translations can be well done they will never get the wordplays used in the original.

The second movie I chose was “La famille Bélier” and the choice was actually made for me as our school gave us the opportunity to go to a french theatre and watch this very moving film. To help our understanding there were subtitles which were helpful at some points but not a must if you want to challenge yourself a bit.
The story takes place on a farm run by the family Bélier. As the story moves on we find out that the whole family except for the daughter are deaf. What complicates everything is the father running for towns president and the daughter gifted with a beautiful voice. A charming plot with loads of heart.

Movies are great. You are able to rewatch if you didn’t get something the first time and pictures help understanding phrases that you might not know. Most of them also introduce you to colloquialisms not taught in school.
Even if you think you are not good with languages, just give it a try. Because there is no such thing as ‘ being bad ‘ at something. If you make the effort you can handle it and this time you just need to be able to press the start button.

To : “I can’t!”
I would reply : ” Ne dis pas ça !” – which translates to : Never say something like that.

I hope you all step out of your comfort zone or better said get in your comfort zone to watch a movie and

See ya


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