Sparkling minimalism…


Fully dressed in a new kind of nudity or as some call it minimalism. This trend has been round for quite a long time now and I ‘simply’ love the button down blouses, white shirts and boyfriend blue jeans. This outfit isn’t considered minimalistic but does play with very settled color range.

nude2  nude3


Firstly I want to tell/warn/let all of you now how hard it is to get some decently good looking pics while wearing white pants. They might seem flattering during  a glance in the mirror but they are oh so hard to take a picture with. Leave alone they get dirty when attempting to sit down.
It wouldn’t make a difference because I still love them. White is one of my favorite colors. Even if some consider it not a color, which ultimately brings us back to nudity… And while an apple may be the  perfect snack for the summer time now I think we all know two nudists regretting their choice about a delicious little treat.


Trousers: H&M
Shoes: Forever 21
Top: Vintage
Blazer Forever 21
Jewelry: Melanie Schreck

I hope you all enjoyed This little summery treat,
See ya


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