Gone Girl?

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Changing, moving, going away. Are often words that make you understand what bittersweet means. They are by no means indicators of evil but letting go and shifting away from the past isn’t an easy act. I know some people won’t admit it, yet leaving behind what formed and created you is always hard. No matter how much you enjoy facing what may come, there is still the backdrop of your life known as the past.

Huh… That was hell of an introduction ladies and gents. And No bragging but I put quite some thought in it.
Icebreakers such as: the weather is nice- is not necessary at this point in our relationship. We practically spent Valentine’s Day together , celebrated 100 subscribers and you now know some useless and intimate crap about me. So Seeing you as my friends I think it’s only right to tell you what this GG ( and no I don’t mean gossip girl (and hey don’t judge me no ones perfect)) – gone girl is up to.

I only moved once before and there isn’t much I remember, really. I was seven kept in a cozy spot and didn’t pack my own boxes. Reaching “adulthood” somewhere in the near future (hopefully) I was challenged this time to sort out everything myself. Including throwing things away (which is always the hardest part because I am a little hoarder) and packing boxes because well- we are moving. Or more so changing districts.
I loved our old apartment. It was a place I called home. And besides airports it was probably one of my favorite places in the world. I had a great big room and the district we lived in was known as a place for young people and creative minds. Restaurants at every corner and for everyone (vegetarians, vegans, meat lovers,…) with awesome interior design and kitchen to drool. You might have guessed that it would be hard to outdo the old place and well the new one just can’t keep up with it. Saying it is a change for the worse would be harsh and it is not the flat itself but more so the surroundings I can’t come to terms with. I didn’t choose it was chosen. As in passive

But i have almost no time to unpack anyway as this isn’t the only big change coming way.
Next school year I will be attending high school in America. I will say goodbye to my natural family here in Austria and live with another in the lone star state – Texas.
Being an exchange student is definitely the biggest step towards being my “own human being” yet and yes I am scared. None the less I am thrilled to experience this year abroad.


I believe that we all live in the future rather than in the present or past because every second itself is the future. Though it is hard as said before leaving behind what literally is behind you.
I love doing what I am doing. Blogging, reporting about fashion and surrounding myself with good people. Sometimes you just have to make sacrifices to become a better version of yourself.

See ya


If you you want to know more:
instagram: sophie_wer
twitter: sunlightstorage



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