Constantly inconsistent or to new beginnings

As a student I don’t count in actual years, I count in school years. Non the less I enjoy the fireworks and happy celebrations but it just doesn’t indicates the end of the year for me. Just because I don’t see it as the start/end and therefore a new beginning doesn’t mean we (students) don’t set goals for the upcoming year. For those saying every new year will be the best and healthiest year yet I can see 50% of you stuffing themselves with cookies and cake on the 1st of January. (No judging cookies equal life.) We just have to make sure we are in the other 50 per cent.

School just ended and and I am already thinking about next year. Much likely, so do a lot of others. We (mankind- or to be socially correct womenkind) enjoy making goals and dreaming of fresh starts, free from all the ballast that weighed us down all this time. (some may take this literal and think this post is about weight loss but no the phrase just fit the matter. although it is a very welcome wordplay)
What we often don’t realize is that while planning all these exciting things we already doomed ourselves and procrastinate once again if all we do is constantly talking about it.
I like indulging in faraway dreams and unrealistic scenarios as much as I like to devour a bar of chocolate. Daydreaming shouldn’t be seen as something bad and while some dreams better stick to the inside of our heads, others (the ones you rant to about your friends) are far better when accomplished. Of course we all want to do things:  like our readings or that boy across the hall… But what I am really trying to say while I stumble around the bush is: If it is something really important to you then make it a new beginning. Be consistent in achieving your goals.   It’s okay to trip sometimes just remember to stand up and don’t settle for less.

Inconsistence is a big word and so is consistence. – You can be happy with an inconstant place of living or totally satisfied the same routine you go through everyday. Realizing you can set a goal and achieve it is much more important than ripping yourself out of your field of comfort if you already found a good amount of continuance anyway.
But to all the ones seeing the summer or the end of the school year as a fresh start I hope you find the consistence to BEGIN new BEGINNINGS.

see ya,

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