Light mood – dark clothes


“Honestly, I just bought it because it was  pretty and comfy at the same time”, says no blogger ever and yet I do, because truth be spoken. Spicing it up with a sparkly shoe and a patterned clutch, I feel much more blogger-esque and more importantly like myself.

modern2  modern5




Before I get into talking about everything else, I want to talk about that pajama-like one piece that describes me perfectly. It’s a loose fitted long romper that elongates especially when worn with a high-heel but looks just as cute when paired with some flats or a chunky sandal such as the one I am wearing. You would normally wear this one piece with the neckline lower meaning it goes from one shoulder to the other.

modern3  modern8

Enjoying the warm/hot weather now in Vienna you can wear this outfit even on chillier days. A leather or jeans jacket would definitely compliment the look. Taking a closer look now, I want to highlight these sandals. They have a quite thick sole and white straps with big rhinestones who make the shoe not cheap looking but oh so pretty. You can probably tell that I obsess a little too much over these but what can I say other than: “Shoes speak louder than words.”

modern6  modern7

Onepiece: Forever21
Sunglasses: Tommy Hilfiger
Clutch: Susan Mango
Rings: Forever21 / Vintage

I hope I could inspire your lazy ego to opt from real pajama to comfy romper that is wearable and a tad more day appropriate (and night appropriate 😉

see ya,

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