Chic happens


Wether you want to spice up the cubicle life with some NYFW attire or  stun that cute co-worker of yours I got you covered. Because jeans do not only make a cute bum but they can also be work appropriate. So trot along while I live my dream and recreate the devil wears Prada.-or in this case Burberry.

chic  chic2

Elementary school was the last time when I had a dress code according to the rules of the school and honestly it wasn’t that bad. We had shirts with the school logo, pullovers again with the print on the front, vests, polos and even special edition shirts. The colors were navy blue and white. Colors I mainly store in my closet anyway. We had the ‘freedom’ to choose our bottoms and well, I did. I owned quite some trousers and skirts.
Moving on in the academic and real life I now wasn’t bound to any specific items anymore. Yet the struggle to choose what I would wear the following day didn’t occur and so I just tried to dress appropriately.

Due to my recent school change (and continent change) I now I have to follow a somewhat hideous dress code that will be addressed in a post in the future. Because for all I now the last time media talked about school uniforms was when girls started pigtails and pleated miniskirts again and ran through the hallways screaming:” Hit me baby one more time”


(when your blog picture accurately describes your feelings)

Dress: Burberry
Blazer: H&M
Belt: Burberry
Shoes: Tamaris
Totebag: /

see ya,

Shoutout also to my talented friend who shot the pictures. Go check out her blog and social media:
instagram: amyslittlephotoworld



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