Month: November 2015

Rant: non-gendered

Sometimes you just need to write down whats on your mind in order to analyze or understand the thoughts that have been flashing before your inner eye. And that’s exactly what I did when I took ten minutes out of my day, sat down and just wrote a short little text about a topic most likely everyone can relate to . So let me just say goodbye at ┬áthis point rather than at the end because I don’t see this as a blog post but rather as a thought process I invite you to listen to.
see ya,




Urban farmer + pocket rant


Writing a relatively irrelevant introduction is considered an attention getting device or just a way to easily bore people as you go off topic. Something I have to address though because I am very passionate about it, is pants without pockets. A mysterious and useless invention found only in the women’s section bringing me to today’s question: why do pants for women not have pockets?