Urban farmer + pocket rant


Writing a relatively irrelevant introduction is considered an attention getting device or just a way to easily bore people as you go off topic. Something I have to address though because I am very passionate about it, is pants without pockets. A mysterious and useless invention found only in the women’s section bringing me to today’s question: why do pants for women not have pockets?

I am always pleasantly surprised when I find trousers with room for me to put my phone or just a receipt in. I am not so much talking about jeans, which still don’t offer a lot of space considering skinny jeans can barely fit what they should cover. Merely an ID would sometimes fit, if you positioned everything correctly. You think there might be a handy aid, a place for you to put your stuff, but no. No pockets or even worse fake pockets. Blazers, pants, sometimes even coats all sorts of clothing items just loping for a greater use, left behind in their dreams. Naturally I turned to Google in search of an answer and I knew I was lost when the world wide web couldn’t find an answer concerning this issue.

But lets stop the rant for a second and post the fashion post for a second and appreciate the pockets in these linen pants.

uf2  uf3

Lets go on with the ranting, shall we?
What comes along with having no room in your garments is having to carry a bag with you on your every step. I probably would anyway because I stuff my life in my bags. I would most likely be able to live out of my bag due to its size and capacity. While society often times complains about women and the size of their bags I just want to remind that: “If I had coat pockets it would be easier!”

On to other details here is a picture of one of my favorite pairs of shoes which I chose to pair with this outfit.


Shirt: Abercrombie & Fitch
Pants(with pockets): pimkie
Shoes: Tamaris
Necklace: Vintage
Bag: Coccinelle

So thanks for listening to me rant about a topic probably not everyone is as passionate and opinionated about as I am. I hope you still enjoyed your stay and

See ya,

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