Rant: non-gendered

Sometimes you just need to write down whats on your mind in order to analyze or understand the thoughts that have been flashing before your inner eye. And that’s exactly what I did when I took ten minutes out of my day, sat down and just wrote a short little text about a topic most likely everyone can relate to . So let me just say goodbye at  this point rather than at the end because I don’t see this as a blog post but rather as a thought process I invite you to listen to.
see ya,


Explain the concept of the opposite sex to me . Are they really these pathetic self-centered creatures only thinking with their genitals and caring for nothing else but their hunger, wether concerning food or other objects of affection? It is a mystery to me how relationships can even be a thing when all I see is betrayal, heartache and chocolate factories booming as they dry the tears of the unwanted, of the broken. Can we agree that emotions and hormones mixed with ambiguous statements on various social medias slowly progress into an elusive web not there to catch us but wrap us and with acid let us slowly dissolve. how can we grow up becoming responsible parents , leaders, heroes of our era when everything that is left is the mere, vaguely visible figure of a human once opaque with hopes, goals and dreams? It couldn’t possibly be our failure creating these blood and life sucking little monsters, raising them and molding their opinions in hope of them being able to create their own ones at one point. We wouldn’t set ourselves up for destruction and utter disappointment. Where can I find someone that fits what I need? The glue that will keep my pieces together, the person who I’ve seen on pictures before, the love I heard gut wrenching-adorable stories about a hug so tight and pure it could be the solution to all problems mankind ever faced as it is love displayed in a form which is worldly recognized and stronger than the struggles we are ought to surrender . Explain to me the concept of how people can be steered only by lust without seeing that they shatter and shadow the light. I like to think that I am not like that, when maybe in fact I’ve once taken a turn, made a decision affecting someones light.Unknowingly we merge and part and strive for different things. we never had a summer and maybe that’s why it ended before it started. I am convinced that we are made for each other and I solemnly swear that it will begin after it ends and only once ends after it begins.




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