Feminism and the guinea pig generation

I am not afraid to consider myself a feminist, even though the word has a negative connotation in a world where it is hard to not offend anyone. It is about equality of the genders and not a radical idea trying to convert everyone with a vagina into a man hating mob. The first time I was unconsciously introduced to the concept of feminism was far before I called myself a feminist and or could properly understand what was meant by that term.

I grew up on 90s and early 2000 pop-music. I jammed out to Kylie Minogue in the car with my mother and we danced in the kitchen listening to Britney Spears, ( pre 2007 and before she became a meme for finals and stress levels) Cher and LeAnn Rhimes. By the way heavily recommend listening to them if you are not familiar with them and on the look out for some hardcore BOPs and a good time.
Anyways the point I am trying to bring across is that, listening and watching all these strong women doing their thing planted the seed of female empowerment in me. They were aware of their bodies and their responsibility but also ability and worked in a world where men seem to have the upper hand. They talked about success, goals, life and the things it throws your way and that a mistreatment of the female gender and any other is not acceptable. They surely opened the doors for many flourishing girls and women and might have pushed the ones that weren’t completely sure out of their comfort zone. It was an iconic time for self-awareness and change. The 90s babies were raised with a different idea and ideal and I truly think that we can change so much more for future generations and our own. While these babies really aren’t babies anymore, as even the generation ’99 is turning 18 next year, we more importantly have to focus on the change for the better we can make happen as the “new adults”. Adolescents raised under fluorescent lights we became the lab-rats and the symbol for change. The new millennium let this sense of possibility creep back up and with it came the will to stand up and get things done. One gender ruling over the other doesn’t make sense in the first place and the commercializing and sexualizing of a a few layers of tissue seems absurd. Rape-culture, being a term sadly enough used too often is a problem we can’t just solve with talking about it and some greasy comfort foods. It is our duty as these guinea pigs to create results and see what works and what doesn’t in order to finally create change.
For me, I know that it will make a difference if I fight for equality and don’t give into social slurs and their absurdity. Again, it’ s not a men hating propaganda and proposal for castrating every male, but more so the equality of the genders and the erasing of the conservative idea of gender roles. I can be a self assured and ambitious business woman or a stay-at-home dad enjoying life.
We’ve come a long way but have an even longer way ahead of us.

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