Coming back, just recently from the big apple with all its extravagancy and minimalism I learned something new about myself,life and the colors surrounding us (if you count black and white as colors)


Considering that black and white are colors, which would be highly relevant for this post, I came to the not so sudden realization that these two really do make you fit in no matter where you are. I am appreciative of the fact that it is so (or at least relatively ) simple to dress yourself appropriately for different occasions, and no matter where you are. Put some heels on for a night out and an experience à la Sex and the city or a fantastic brunch with a tunica and some ballet flats at magnolia café (hope you got the reference ). Traveling and seeing so many faces and bodies every day shifting themselves through, oh so many, masses of humans concerned with different things in a gray city and seemingly secluded world on its own. We all dress alike and yet so different, and while Manhattan, this highly concentrated place of people with passion and and an eye for fashion shows more color than other patches on this world, black and white fit perfectly fine





Blouse: Tommy Hilfiger
Trousers: Forever21
Leather Jacket: H&M
Shoes: Forever21

as always, see ya



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