Prom and Economics


*valley girl voice: Praahm*

Saying prom is kind of a big deal would be the understatement of the year. The preparation going into four hours of not looking like a potato that is worrying about AP test-scores and this vortex called future is enormous (and sometimes what makes this once a year event worth it).

As soon as the summer semester arrives girls all over America, and potentially some other places I am not aware of, are turning into mini-zombie-brides on the hunt for the perfect dress, location, food and flowers. The human is a consume driven individual and is lusting after riches and glamour explaining why the sensation Prom is such a big success.

As reported by, parents spend an average 0f 900$ on their offspring and their grand night. Things like dresses, hairstylists, accessories including shoes, maybe a limo-rental, tickets ,”have to be” covered and can surely amount to these great sums. If you are lucky enough to be able to do your own make-up or planning on wearing shoes you already own the costs can be lowered yet there is still the expense of the dress, you preferably don’t want to see on another girl.



“nothing a blister band-aid can’t fix on three! One,two,three…”

Being from Austria I wasn’t going to miss this once in a lifetime experience. I indulged in the feeling of everlasting youth and the sense of belonging. To say it was the time of my life would be a bit much ( I prefer the ones with coffee, a good book and a glistening skyline ahead of me) but the prep sure was. Endless hours were spend talking about everything we had to organize and who was going with whom, etc…
Being stressed most of the time and living life in either leggings or your favorite pair of jeans and white tee, it is nice to see people all dressed up every now and then . They walk with confidence and their heads up high in friend-groups to the crowded dance-floors, rewarding themselves with a night of fun.


Dresses from right to left:
Davids bridal, Z-Cotoure, Z-Cotoure, Davids bridals, online, Nordstrom, online, online

blowing kisses your way,
see ya


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