Why we keep making excuses for f*ckboys

While the term f*ckboy may only be known to womenkind and some enlightened males, this description of a certain kind of guy has “graced” our planet and now makes judging one heck of a lot easier. Turning once more to the world wide web and its sheer endless knowledge, I quickly figured out that the term f*ckboy/ fu*ck boy/ f*ck-boy describes more than a single persona. The behaviorism I personally associate with this word however, is the leading on of girls for hookups. The before mentioned specimen doesn’t want to deal with relationships but wants the physical benefits of one and thinks exclusively of himself and is therefore very egocentric.

I’ve seen friends of mine getting hurt by this ominous kind of boy. The animosity towards them grows with every tissue I pass and “it’s-gonna-be-ok-hug” I give. These f*ckboys aren’t always easy to differentiate from your regular douche but we’ve acquired a sense for them. Which undoubtedly makes us accomplices in this situation, as we are aware of the direction we are heading yet embark on the heartbreaking adventure. Our sense of self-preservation seems to sit out or at least it seems.

Humans are (gladly) created hopeful. We take chances, forgive, root for the underdogs and believe in the odds and so called miracles. Since this hope is part of our being and runs in our veins we (even if knowing better) let ourselves be lured in. I’ve witnessed friends defending and go into raptures over the same guy that soon after made them feel miserable about themselves. Girls generally hope that they can change a guy for the better, make him a decent human being, and live happily ever after. Because, well, that’s what the movies taught us could happen. We look for our flaws and possible mistakes we could have made and repeatedly beat ourselves up for not making this one stay. (As if really was important that that one got away)
Nowadays it feels as if we encouraged this kind of “f*ckboy behavior” by praising this newly invented stereotype. They’re associated with good looks, a charming personality and a overall winning effect on girls.
So how can we deter these people from entering our lives? 
First of all we have to be realistic. It’s hard to change people and even harder if they don’t want to change. Now don’t start running around all paranoid because you are afraid of falling for someone. That’s far besides the point. The point is that as humans with error and trial runs woven into their lives should become aware of who they become emotionally involved with

With all that said and still not having expressed all my thoughts on this topic especially since I didn’t even get the chance to touch the topic of the female version of a f*ckboy and the gender equality I so proudly support, I wish everyone a great start into the new year !

See ya,

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