THE cold ( &kids )

I know that  I am ranting about the weather a lot on this blog but today I actually don’t want to complain about the weather conditions, I want to talk ’bout THE cold or having the flu.
Because as seen in various news reports and magazines the scientists creating the flu shots didn’t quite get the mix this year. And I don’t judge or blame them at all because while they have to imagine what might, maybe the causative organism for the flu one year ahead I can’t even decide what to wear the next day.



Blog newcomer of the year


Hello everyone,
As you probably know, or don’t know, the cosmopolitan best newcomer blog award hosted by next will be given to some lucky bloggers out there soon.
So first of all I have to say That I am grateful for every one of you and for all the support I got and the nice comments that I received and really appreciated. I have this blog since may and I’ve been working on it ever since, what isn’t so easy if you’re a full time student. Now I am kindly asking you if YOU could klick on this And fill it out to nominate me, and getting me one step closer to my goal. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I need help.
Hopefully you enjoyed the last few months as much as I did
Lots of love