Why we keep making excuses for f*ckboys

While the term f*ckboy may only be known to womenkind and some enlightened males, this description of a certain kind of guy has “graced” our planet and now makes judging one heck of a lot easier. Turning once more to the world wide web and its sheer endless knowledge, I quickly figured out that the term f*ckboy/ fu*ck boy/ f*ck-boy describes more than a single persona. The behaviorism I personally associate with this word however, is the leading on of girls for hookups. The before mentioned specimen doesn’t want to deal with relationships but wants the physical benefits of one and thinks exclusively of himself and is therefore very egocentric.



Modeakt15 – Fashionshow


Being in front of the camera isn’t a big deal for me anymore. I got used to staring off into the wide searching for nothing, really. Posing is simple because if you don’t like a picture you klick on the little trash sign and easy as that it’s gone. However the other day I was running in a  Fashinshow!


Trying something new #1 – Yoga

A big part in life I think is: trying new things. Wether it’s a dish you’ve never eaten before or some kind of sports you have  always looked at anxiously. It is not important how much you step out of your comfort zone, it can be something you just always wanted to try, what matters is that you stay open minded. Because that is what it’s all about. Human beings tend to lock themselves in. They just wander through their routines day after day without not noticing that it is not the little bump itself in the road of life which throws them off but the straying from their routine.


Valentines day ? Galentines day !

Valentines day is like silvester, some bang and others sit alone in front of the TV. And while some people definitely take out their sexiest lingerie I am going to sing the national single, happy girl  anthem: meaning basically every Taylor Swift song (ever, ever). Although I don’t have a boyfriend (sorry for exaggerating I can’t even get a high-five from a guy) I won’t spend Valentines day alone. What? Yes you read right! , not alone.


Be inspired – Holiday rejuvenating


Hello everyone,

since I’ve been traveling a lot lately, due winter holidays, I had some time figuring some stuff out for myself . And you are probably in front of your computers right now wondering when and if I ever post an outfit again, and I can assure you 2015 will be fashionable, but for today I want to talk about things that I’ve been inspired by or that I started valuing more. I don’t want to be a pseudo therapist and help you get over a horrible childhood memory or some kind of trauma because I am certainly not qualified for that but looking at things from different angles might be just what we all need every now and then.