Not a school uniform


If only school uniforms would look like that, I might never change again…




statement pieces4statement pieces3statement pieces2statement pieces

Yesterday,all my trouble seemed so far away…
and not only that but also the cold weather which forced me to put on a jacket,…again.(grumpy face)
While hoping that it might get warmer(ever realised how important the weather is for dressing?)
I took some Statement pieces threw them all together and had some fun making People stare. What might be hard in
NYC but is actually quiet easy in Vienna. Anyway you’re probably thinking more is less but why reducing awesomeness?
So here we go:
Faux leather trouser in burgunde: H&M
Oversized blouse: Banana Republic
Boyfriend cutted coat: Primark
Shoes: Alessandro Santi
Statement necklace:H&M