Coming back, just recently from the big apple with all its extravagancy and minimalism I learned something new about myself,life and the colors surrounding us (if you count black and white as colors)



Light mood – dark clothes


“Honestly, I just bought it because it was  pretty and comfy at the same time”, says no blogger ever and yet I do, because truth be spoken. Spicing it up with a sparkly shoe and a patterned clutch, I feel much more blogger-esque and more importantly like myself.


HTC Fashion Check- in


Seems as if the last few post weren’t much about clothing but more about the over all topic fashion and events that come with. Being a little bit predictable, todays post is another event I attended last week.( Friday 14th of March) . Being escorted by a previously mentioned blogger friend I hold the personal opinion that the fashion show itself wasn’t the most breath-taking event but I definitely liked the ‘Fashion Check-in’


Be inspired – Holiday rejuvenating


Hello everyone,

since I’ve been traveling a lot lately, due winter holidays, I had some time figuring some stuff out for myself . And you are probably in front of your computers right now wondering when and if I ever post an outfit again, and I can assure you 2015 will be fashionable, but for today I want to talk about things that I’ve been inspired by or that I started valuing more. I don’t want to be a pseudo therapist and help you get over a horrible childhood memory or some kind of trauma because I am certainly not qualified for that but looking at things from different angles might be just what we all need every now and then.