Constantly inconsistent or to new beginnings

As a student I don’t count in actual years, I count in school years. Non the less I enjoy the fireworks and happy celebrations but it just doesn’t indicates the end of the year for me. Just because I don’t see it as the start/end and therefore a new beginning doesn’t mean we (students) don’t set goals for the upcoming year. For those saying every new year will be the best and healthiest year yet I can see 50% of you stuffing themselves with cookies and cake on the 1st of January. (No judging cookies equal life.) We just have to make sure we are in the other 50 per cent.



Sparkling minimalism…


Fully dressed in a new kind of nudity or as some call it minimalism. This trend has been round for quite a long time now and I ‘simply’ love the button down blouses, white shirts and boyfriend blue jeans. This outfit isn’t considered minimalistic but does play with very settled color range.